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Nick Berardi and a team of World Class Educators provide (100) in-depth step-by-step seminars on all the basic to advanced principals of cutting, color & styling.

  • Creative Channel Bob

    Mike Varela

    Learn creative sectioning and innovative techniques to create a look sleek and chic or with a soft tussled feel.

    Seminar Length: 63:29
  • Layered Bob

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    A salon essential, control vertical layering and over direction that maintains the outline bob shape.

    Seminar Length: 46:13
  • Long Veil

    Michael Haase

    Learn how to combine short to long and concave layers to create a dramatic long head hugging shape.

    Seminar Length: 75:03
  • Square Bob

    Nick Berardi

    Learn to eliminate tension, over direction & lift to create beautiful classic one length shapes.

    Seminar Length: 57:25
  • Freelight Balayage

    Eric Lindsey

    Celebrity favorite balayage hair painting with in-depth tips, tricks & techniques sure to be a salon essential.

    Seminar Length: 49:00
  • Inside-Out Texture

    Anthony Cole

    Learn to control long hair using an easy salon friendly inside-out technique developed by Anthony Cole.

    Seminar Length: 47:27
  • Color Pop

    Jet Rhys

    Fun versatile technique that teaches you how to color the fringe area and to lock in the color with a flat iron.

    Seminar Length: 59:06
  • Graduated Bob

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Basics of essential classic, vertical pivoting graduation, rounded head shape & beautiful one length lines.

    Seminar Length: 56:39
  • Long Flat Layers

    Diego Raviglione

    Long layering technique fills in the round areas of the head giving a balanced soft layered effect.

    Seminar Length: 47:51
  • Clipper Essentials

    Paul Vega

    Essential seminar packed with foundation techniques & tips & tricks to create smooth clipper work with no lines.

    Seminar Length: 105:40
  • Paint It Red

    Mark Debolt

    Learn proper consultation skills and hair painting to make your red colors have a 3 dimensional look.

    Seminar Length: 54:30
  • Graduated Bob Classic

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Essential classic, vertical pivoting graduation creates rounded head shape with beautiful one length lines.

    Seminar Length: 47:00
  • 2 in 1 Color Technique

    Annie Leibman

    Learn this time saving salon friendly technique for high impact color with strategically placed foils.

    Seminar Length: 59:58
  • One Length Bob

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Learn to eliminate tension, over direction & lift to create beautiful classic one length shapes.

    Seminar Length: 55:11
  • High Fashion Ponytail

    Michele Catalanello

    Placing ponytail, curved sectioning, proper prep, different tools to fasten & brushing into place.

    Seminar Length: 33:29
  • Urban Curls

    Nick Berardi

    Learn a combination of free-hand cutting & texturizing techniques to create amazing shapes.

    Seminar Length: 31:24
  • Color Segment 3

    Victoria T. Hall

    Color types, touch & relights, lightners, magma, koleston, illuminata, service products, swatch books.

    Seminar Length: 27:42
  • Long Graduated Layers

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Learn graduated layers and short to long layering by controlling elevation cutting angle and over direction.

    Seminar Length: 58:58
  • Versatile Arc

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Essential cut for building a strong foundation in square graduation, horizontal layers and disconnection.

    Seminar Length: 47:27
  • Short To Long Layer

    Diego Raviglione

    Learn to work with short to long lengths while maintaing weight and face framing technique to detail the look.

    Seminar Length: 42:28
  • Five Panel Creative

    Nick Berardi

    The true art behind creative hair designs and 5 classic techniques using advanced guideline theory and disco.

    Seminar Length: 100:04
  • Color Segment 4

    Victoria T. Hall

    Understanding the wella color scale and mixing, various color application setup, including brushes.

    Seminar Length: 10:57
  • Blaze

    Diego Raviglione

    Learn the Creative process of competition. Video includes behind the scenes plus step by step haircut.

    Seminar Length: 74:34
  • Little Shag

    Nick Berardi

    Learn short graduated layering with disconnected sides & top, finished with a fun short fringe.

    Seminar Length: 36:00
  • The Celebrity

    Nick Berardi

    Learn a combination of round graduation & simple disconnection for Rihanna & Beckham inspired shapes.

    Seminar Length: 49:33
  • Soft Asymmetrics

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to create soft asymmetric shapes with the use of over direction and one horizontal guide line.

    Seminar Length: 41:25
  • Horizontal Graduation

    Diego Raviglione

    Horizontal graduation and the proper use of a mannequin head to acheive a beautiful classic shape

    Seminar Length: 18:59
  • Color Segment 1

    Victoria T. Hall

    Understanding the hairs structure, texture, persosity, pigmentation, as well as pigment depth and tone

    Seminar Length: 16:09
  • Short Disconnection

    Nick Berardi

    Short creative haircut using horizontal disconnected panels & over directed graduated layers.

    Seminar Length: 41:00
  • Soft Concave

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control 2 intersecting diagonal lines to create a short interior with maxium length.

    Seminar Length: 33:06
  • Color Segment 5

    Victoria T. Hall

    Learn root application, color touch and pre-touch application, foiling tips and foil replacement

    Seminar Length: 51:49
  • Short Sweep

    Bryden Mugleston

    Learn how to control a combination of horizontal and diagonal graduation for a versatile and trendy look.

    Seminar Length: 71:29
  • Bi-Level Glamour

    Nick Berardi

    Learn a combination of over directed graduation & vertical short to long layers for long hair.

    Seminar Length: 40:45
  • Asymmetric Shag

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control round layers with a disconnected triangle shape for a soft trendsetting look.

    Seminar Length: 42:23
  • Dry Concave Shag

    Nick Berardi

    How to cut concave layers with a temple area guideline using a dry cut technique to create softness and length.

    Seminar Length: 38:06
  • Flat Layers

    Nick Berardi

    Learn to control elevation and cutting line for versatile flat layers with maximum movement and texture.

    Seminar Length: 44:50
  • Short Flat Layer

    Nick Berardi

    Versatile technique ideal for balancing and filling in smaller head shapes, also used for men’s hair design.

    Seminar Length: 61:03
  • Tri Level Shag

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to create a shape from the inside out by understanding the true meaning of the guide line.

    Seminar Length: 49:39
  • Asymmetric Bob

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    An advanced creative cut using a combination of disconnection & asymmetry to create trendsetting looks.

    Seminar Length: 43:00
  • Classic Grad Layer

    Manny Martin

    Essential seminar packed with precision techniques such as layering, Graduation and scissor over comb.

    Seminar Length: 119:31
  • The Retro

    Nick Berardi

    How to cut vertical layers to create shape over shape for a creative mid-length trendsetting textured look.

    Seminar Length: 49:02
  • Blaze Color

    Carrera Bailey

    Learn the Creative process of competition. Video includes behind the scenes plus step by step coloring.

    Seminar Length: 29:59
  • Texture Layers

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to create soft graduated layers and a powerful sliding technique for movement and texture.

    Seminar Length: 55;24
  • Color Segment 2

    Victoria T. Hall

    Understanding primary and secondary tones, color levels, wella numbering, tonal values & consultation.

    Seminar Length: 15:48
  • Reverse Layer

    Nick Berardi

    Learn reverse layering technique to create layers and disconnection for a modern trendsetting look.

    Seminar Length: 40:45
  • Contour Bob

    Diego Raviglione

    Learn round contour layers and disconnection for a mod head-hugging shape with movement and texture.

    Seminar Length: 42:28
  • Reverse Fade

    Joshua Wagner

    This seminar is loaded with tips & tricks as Josh takes you thru blade size, clipper pressure & sectioning.

    Seminar Length: 62:38
  • Long Disconnection

    Nick Berardi

    Disconnection techniques for long hair using long round square layers and vertical short to long layers.

    Seminar Length: 45:00
  • Interlock Haircut

    Stephen Moody

    Explore foundation techniques, consultations, hand & body position & lots of tips and tricks.

    Seminar Length: 93:14
  • Contour Shag

    Lindsey Rice

    Learn this mid-length head hugging shape using short to long and contour layers for a salon friendly look.

    Seminar Length: 44:11
  • Bleach & Tone

    Carrera Bailey

    Essential tips and tricks for application techniques, avoid color banding, keeping hair healthy, etc.

    Seminar Length: 48:26
  • Ombre Pleat

    Tammi Herrick

    A new update to the popular Ombre Color technique includes foil placement and how to blend color tones.

    Seminar Length: 50:06
  • Interlock Color

    Carrera Bailey

    Learn to use foundational color techniques of tinting & foiling for a creative color application.

    Seminar Length: 35:42
  • Ribbon Color

    Marissa Kosolofski

    Variation of balayage and Ombre hair color techniques going Dark to Light creating a stylish salon friendly look.

    Seminar Length: 46:51
  • Dimensional Blonde

    Victoria T Hall

    Learn how to create this beautiful multi-tone blonde by blending three shades with painting and foils.

    Seminar Length: 40;34
  • Editorial Braid

    Carol Protat

    Learn this fashionable fun braiding technique that frames face and creates movement and texture.

    Seminar Length: 30:32
  • Editorial Day

    Omar Antonio

    Features 2 looks & amazing editorial techniques with world renowned Sebastian Star Omar Antonio.

    Seminar Length: 74:26
  • Short Round Layers

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control the interior and the exterior using a simple pivoting technique.

    Seminar Length: 33:41
  • Up-Style Texture

    Mirella Sementilli

    Learn to create a versatile editorial up-styles in half the time with the proper use of styling tools.

    Seminar Length: 66:13
  • Razor Essential 1

    Nicole Obert

    Essential series with razor cutting guru Nicole Obert begins with an in-depth interview with Nick Berardi

    Seminar Length: 17:44
  • Square Lift

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to combine long square and round layers to create the max amount of movement and texture.

    Seminar Length: 43:05
  • Mens Graduated

    Nick Berardi

    Learn to control layers, graduation and light scissor over comb and maintain length and swing.

    Seminar Length: 57:34
  • Soft Edge

    Christina Mccarver

    Christina Mccarver coaches you through a beautiful long layered razor cut with amazing tips and tricks.

    Seminar Length: 58:07
  • Razor Bob

    Christopher Dove

    Learn a soft perimeter one-length shape with graduation using horizontal and vertical sections.

    Seminar Length: 34:18
  • Short Graduation

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control square and round graduation for a beautiful contemporary short shape with movement

    Seminar Length: 62:20
  • Runway Texture Braid

    Claudio Lazo

    Learn essential techniques to create this high fashion style combine ponytails, crimping and braiding.

    Seminar Length: 49:44
  • Modern Layered Bob

    Nick Berardi/ Headsheet

    Learn a combination of one length techniques & square layering to create essential every day salon looks.

    Seminar Length: 48:00
  • Razor Essential 2

    Nicole Obert

    Mannequin demo learn how to control straight razor with open blade, closed blade, tipping techniques.

    Seminar Length: 49:45
  • Square Graduation

    Nick Berardi

    Learn this simple square graduation to create classic yet verastile haircuts that are very salon friendly

    Seminar Length: 55:00
  • Editorial Bun

    Michele Catalanello

    Classic look into editorial feel using a mesh doughnut, pinning techniques, brush teasing & detailing

    Seminar Length: 15:13
  • Modern Square Layer

    Stephen Moody

    Create a beautiful classic contemporary shape by combining an A-Line outline & over-directed sq layers

    Seminar Length: 54:03
  • Forward Lift

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to use the clients body positioning to create versatile lift for beautiful soft grad layers

    Seminar Length: 37:31
  • Short To Long Layers

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to create beautiful flat layers and a soft outline with this very versatile cutting technique

    Seminar Length: 44:45
  • Scissor Over Comb

    Nick Berardi

    Learn the strong basics of scissor over comb in comprehensive, in-depth detail. A basics must learn.

    Seminar Length: 55:24
  • Long Graduated Layers

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Essential for creating long graduated layers, over direction & working with pointing techniques.

    Seminar Length: 34:25
  • Short Crop

    Nick Berardi

    Learn to create short square layers with choppy masculine texture. A must technique for every salon.

    Seminar Length: 59:49
  • Texture French Twist

    Michele Catalanello

    Learn prepping, sectioning, comb & brush teasing, pinning, body positioning, rolling hair into place.

    Seminar Length: 23:00
  • Short Square Layers

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control short square layers to maintain weight throughout the round of the head

    Seminar Length: 50:03
  • Round Brush Blow Dry

    Michele Catalanello

    Working with tools, brushing out the set and detailing to add interest with a finger pushing technique.

    Seminar Length: 57:26
  • Mens Med Sq Layers

    Nick Berardi / Headsheet

    Essential cut for building a strong foundation in mid-length classic square layering and disconnection.

    Seminar Length: 47:34
  • Razor Essential 3

    Nicole Obert

    This essential seminar series with razor guru Nicole Obert concludes with the final part on a live model.

    Seminar Length: 49:45
  • Back Lift

    Nick Berardi

    Learn how to control long vertical layers with a back-lifting motion to create fabulous movement & style

    Seminar Length: 65:54
  • Hollywood Wave

    Michele Catalanello

    Learn thermal setting techniques, horizontal vs vertical, brushing, shaping & polishing the look.

    Seminar Length: 33:24
  • Graduated Lift

    Nick Berardi

    Learn to create a graduated shape with horizontal sections and control of your lift and cutting angle.

    Seminar Length: 35:07
  • Full Head Weave

    Carrera Bailey

    A highlighting technique using herringbone sectioning with weaving.

    Seminar Length: 40:01
  • Full Head Slice

    Carrera Bailey

    Ideal for clients who wear their hair up because the nape is colored as well.

    Seminar Length: 27:36
  • Half Head Slice

    Carrera Bailey

    Herringbone sectioning for bolder highlights or clients with wavy, curly or thick hair.

    Seminar Length: 31:11
  • Crown Parting

    Carrera Bailey

    A technique for clients that desire color throughout the top portion of the head.

    Seminar Length: 16:57
  • Half Head Weave

    Carrera Bailey

    Half head highlighting technique using herringbone sectioning & weaving action.

    Seminar Length: 41:20
  • Half Head Classic

    Carrera Bailey

    A technique that utilizes weaving action to create natural classic highlights.

    Seminar Length: 11:32
  • Freehand Color

    Carrera Bailey

    Technique used for adding color or highlighting hair that is too short to put into foil.

    Seminar Length: 9:36

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