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No sloppy iphone videos here. Online Seminars are presented in wide screen Hi-Def clarity, properly lit with perfect close-ups & the proper camera angles.

<strong>Team of Master Educators</strong>
<a href=””>Nick Berardi</a> and a team of renowned master educators with amazing presentation skills, provide you with the most insightful educational resource you will ever find.

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Master Educators with Amazing teaching skills present (100+) hours of professional tutorials for career minded stylists who want (real education) not entertainment.

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Focused Learning Format
Discover a focused workshop format designed to help you learn easier, faster & remember more with no ad’s, music, flashy effects or added third party voice overs.

Professional Production
Online Seminars are filmed in wide screen Hi-definition clarity, are properly lit to show all the details & use multi cameras to capture all the angles & all the close-ups.

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Easily search thru organized categories to quickly find specific seminars, search thru seminars to find specific segments & scroll segments to find specific techniques.

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Finally REAL education. $20K and I couldn’t even do a layered haircut. ONE WEEK on this sight was more than I got in a year & half of school.

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Nick Berardi and a team of Master Educators present the most insightful and game changing online education you will ever find anywhere.