The career path chosen by Emanuel was a very well calculated one. He was very fortunate to have been exposed to many industry leaders so early in his career, and worked with and side-by-side to a few of them.

Having begun his apprenticeship at a Robert Cromeans salon gave Emanuel the fast-paced salon experience he needed after investing in a lengthy and rigorous hair cutting training program from Vidal Sassoon in Beverly Hills.

The experience he gained from both philosophies gave Emanuel the valuable foundation he could then build upon. At this moment in his career he decided to follow in the footsteps of his mentors and become a full time haircutting instructor. Emanuel wanted to inspire and motivate future hairdressers just like his instructors inspired him.

As an educator, Emanuel quickly realized the value and responsibility of education, and took his role very seriously. Soon he would embark on a journey he never imagined possible. Emanuels work ethic and desire to teach earned him a spot as a member of the trade–show platform artist club.

Having been successful in the show circuit Emanuel took on a new challenge of holding workshops and seminars booked specifically for education. This phase in his career gave Emanuel the opportunity to shine as an artist.


Classic Graduated Layer / 119:31
Essential seminar packed with precision techniques including layering, graduation and scissor over comb.