Born in Ceprano, Italy, Mirella Rota Sementilli has been a licensed Canadian hairdresser since 1983. Not only does she enjoy serving a wide range of clientele in her salon, but Mirella is also passionate about sharing her 27 years worth of knowledge, skills and expertise with others.

Mirella possesses a rare ability to forecast upcoming trends in hair design through travels and world class conventions, her work is always cutting edge and current, using the latest hair tools and styling techniques. What she is most known for is her long hairdressing and updo skills, placing her as One of Canada’s most sought after instructors and educators.

However Mirella Captivates her audience by recreating and explaining Step-by-step to recreate the hairstyle. Todays modern young stylist thrives on education and advancing themselves, Mirella feels she can reach out to even the elite excentric stylist and give them the impact/wow they came to see and learn.

As of late is her Directional Volumizing Cutting and Styling Technique is especially effective with fine to thin hair clients, helping them achieve fuller hair and maximized volume. In all her proffesional years as a hairdresser Mirella continues to teach and discouver the fundamental concept and the practical approach to every hair style. This is an indepth approach to sharing her knowledge that very few educators like to do.

Mirella has trained and personally coached many winning hairstylists, to include their achievents in Photo shoots, editorial Updo and Long Hairdressing, Colour mapping and Placement along with her trendsetting abilities where she pulls from her conceptual design. Beautiful Hair and the Art of Glam is enevidable with the tutoring of Mirella Rota a visionary. Her Approach is methodical and purposeful thus cutting the updo time in half.


Up-Style Texture / 66:13
Learn to create a versatile editorial up-styles in half the time with the proper use of styling tools.