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The tradition of the Mizutani began in 1921 in Asakusa, Tokyo where the first Mizutani decided to produce the best quality hair styling scissors. His passion was to make scissors that are razor-sharp and durable yet easy-to-handle at the same time.

Over the years we have continued to focus on improving our craftsmanship to produce the highest quality scissors in the industry.

Mizutani Scissors have been one of the most popular hair styling scissors among the top professional hair stylists throughout the world for its impeccable quality and superb usability.

All Mizutani Scissors are 100% handcrafted by a team of highly skilled craftsmen at the factory in Chiba, Japan. From cutting steel to polishing for the finish, each shear receives the closest attention throughout the process to ensure the highest quality.

Even simplest scissors have changed its design with the hairstyle and the fashion trend. Here are some of our symmetrical type scissors that were made through the years.

For example, the 4.5 inches scissors made in the 70′s are produced in time when Sassoon cut became popular. The leaf type scissors made in the 60′ are the prototype of current Acroleaf and Acroleaf Wide.

New Pixy which was released in 2006 has ergonomic form with three-dimentional design handle. Although these are very simple symmetrical type scissors, they have been, and will be constantly changing its design to adapt the fashion trend.

We use the highest class of steel that appropriately contains the right amount of cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium. Each scissors has its own unique function and our goal is to create the best scissors for each purpose by choosing proper steel to begin with.

For example, Acro Stellite contains 50% or more of cobalt which gives you a softer and sticky cutting feeling and also the sharpness lasts longer while DAMA series uses CMC micro powder metal (patented) and contains more molybdenum to make the blade durable and last even longer.

Our scissors are hardened by the special heat-treatment process called “sub-zero process”. Heated by the high temperature of 1000C+ degrees, then cooled quickly in the -100C degrees. Repeating this process makes the scissors extremely strong and hardly distort.

Alternatively, you can send your scissors to our partner “DIAMOND SHARP SHEARS” in North Carolina, U.S.
Please visit www.ShearSharpeningRaleigh.com for more information on their sharpening method and other details.

Norm Voller is a former manufacturing executive, chemist, software engineer and entrepreneur. In 2007 he was introduced to the craft of shear sharpening and began studying the industry for the best and most consistent techniques.

With his unique background in research, engineering and entrepreneurship, he developed an expert understanding of the processes and dynamics of sharpening scissors.

In 2008, Norm began sharpening and selling shears in Raleigh, North Carolina, and quickly developed a reputation for creating the best and most precise cutting edges. Today he sharpens shears for stylists around the country.

In 2013, Mizutani Scissors, in Japan, named Norm, Master Sharpener for the U.S., and invited him to travel to Japan to share and compare secrets with Mizutani’s expert staff.

He uses the same equipment and processes as the Mizutani Factory in Tokyo so that his shears come to you sharpened to the same standard of excellence applied to shears sharpened in Japan.

Mizutani USA / Motik, Inc. provides a lifetime warranty on every Mizutani product purchased from us. All Mizutani products are hand made in Japan, part by part for the best durability and performance.

Mizutani products are designed and made from the top quality steel to provide longevity and the ability to be sharpened over and over. Mzutani scissors that have been damaged by a non-authorized sharpener, poorly maintained, misused or over-worn will not be covered.

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