From behind the chair to product development, Paula Rufo has been getting it done in the beauty world – but the path she took to stylist fame didn’t really happen the way she planned.

Rufo chose the perfect path, obviously. She’s worked behind the chair, taught at Blaine Beauty School in Boston and worked as a Wella Educator. Where she really shines is in product development with Wella Professional –hair has been her domain throughout her career (and we’ve got nothing but gratitude for her!)

The Wella Balayage Paddle? Yeah, that’s Rufo. How did she know exactly what you wanted? She listened to the people! Co-creation is the key to the perfect product.

Rufo worked with stylists near and far to come up with a new paddle idea that allows us to have all the tools we need right in our hands when creating colored looks for our clients. It was actually during a focus group that Rufo was inspired by the need for a new innovative tool.

For Rufo, it was important that she heard from all “stylists at every level, ensuring that they touched on every single one of the stylist’s needs” when coloring. Through Rufo’s meeting with various stylists, the shape, size and innovative color reservoir of the Wella Balayage Paddle came to life.

And Rufo certainly isn’t done innovating in the stylist world. She hopes to continue to “co-create with other stylists to ensure our company is always designing new innovations to fit both stylist and consumer needs.”

Whether it’s tools, service or products, Rufo is working it to give us the best of the best to build our skills and create our art!


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