As a former Stylist and Cutting Instructor at the world renowned Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles, California and a Sassoon  Academy Director in Miami, Florida Mike decided he could no longer ignore a driving pull towards a new vision.

After 10 years of experience in the industry he decided it was time to break away from Sassoon and create his own unique brand and The Kingly Hair Group was born.

Today Mike continues to share the same knowledge and experience from his time at Sassoon as he travels across the USA and Internationally with The Kingly Academy system teaching high-end technical seminars, as well as group and private session at his studio in San Diego California.

“I ALWAYS take suitability into account. From actual physical features & textures to lifestyle, It has to work for who I’m cutting on. That always gives me a firm assessment on what I can do and how far I can push design.

Whether it’s a flawless classic look or a collection-worthy creative shape, I teach a simple principle: “Master Craftsmanship coupled with Creative Brilliance yields True Art”


Textured Asymmetry
In this insightful technique packed Online Seminar you will learn, Convex Layering, Concave Layering, Round Graduation and Disconnection and more.

Clean outlines encasing a technical approach to texture and disconnection make this look a contemporary approach to the Modern Bob. (12 segments with 71:45 run time)

Curly Graduation
In this seminar Mike focuses on pure technique to create a beautiful internal triangular graduation on textured hair.

A rebuttal to the idea that textured hair should be cut “dry” and purely relying on a fundamental understanding of technique to create the form. (9 segments with 51:21 run time)

Chic Mullet
Filmed on location at the kingly Academy in San Diego, California, Mike continues to share his vast knowledge and experience from his time at Vidal Sassoon with this CHIC take on a bold classic.

You will learn to combine classic techniques such as graduation and layers with a trend setting fringe created by internal layering with precision detailing for added movement and texture.  (8 Segments 48:51)

Convex Square Layers
Learn how to control convex round layers with combined square layers to create a fluid long layered shape.

“With this look we explore an alternative combination of contrasting technique and shape through application of a convex curving layer in the back existing within a square shape.

A pivoting sectioning pattern through the front adds a soft element of face framing while softening weight. And finally, an elevated fringe technique adds a soft broken feel without actually deconstruction of form – Mike” (10 Segments 64:08)

Creative Channel Bob
This seminar is loaded with tips and tricks that every stylist should learn and have in their creative tool belt.

Learn how to utilize creative sectioning and innovative techniques to create a commercial friendly look which can be worn sleek and chic or with a soft tussled feel created by a technical approach to texture.

Heavy round graduation was utilized through the back to keep strength on the outline and act as a structured base for the layering technique.

On the heavier side, a variation in layering utilizes a cropped-out triangle zone to condense weight for a lean feel. The opposite side has a disconnected flat layering technique to create movement.  (10 Segments 63:29)