Victoria brings that spirit of excellence to all of her seminars. This approach to educating has earned her two positions at ITVA as an education liaison and as the educational support for North America’s “Dream Team.”

She was also selected as a Trainer of the Year for North America and honored as a Global Influencing Future Team. As a Master Colorist and Wella Lead, Victoria’s passion for color has been spotlighted at NATVA, on stage at ABS and Premiere, and in Web based seminars.

As the Nioxin Lead for the Studio in LA she has a true passion for clients with thinning hair issues, and the hope that Nioxin provides. Victoria, as Seminar Leader, ensures that seminars at the Studio are best in class, with students walking away from a seminar, empowered and inspired. She is always striving for excellence that not only educates, but collaborates.

“At the Studios you get a chance to get really inspired, not only with placement of color, but with color formulations designed to get your brain working outside of that box. We create an environment where you can take the fear out of taking chances”


Dimensional Blonde / 40:34
Learn how to create this beautiful multi-tone blonde by blending three shades with painting and foils. Run time 40:34.


Color Segment One / 16:09
Understanding the hairs structure, texture, perosity, pigmentation, as well as pigment depth and tone

Color Segment Two / 15:48
Understanding primary and secondary tones, color levels, wella numbering, tonal values & consultation.

Color Segment Three / 27:42
Color types, touch & relights, lighteners, magma, koleston, illuminata, service products, swatch books.

Color Segment  Four / 10:57
Understanding the wella color scale and mixing, various color application setup, including brushes.

Color Segment Five / 51:49
Learn root application, color touch and pre-touch application, foiling tips and foil replacement